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Why Work With Us?

your success is our #1 goal

In differentiating investment professionals, it is important to determine who they answer to. Is it to their clients or their firm? Many financial organizations offer company owned products such as mutual funds, annuities and/or managed money platforms. Often times, they are paid more on those products or have bonuses based on the use of those products. Inevitably, it is easy for their interests to be more in line with their company than with providing their clients with the best possible solution.

Independent and Unbiased Advice

Dorman Skorheim Wealth Management is an independent registered investment advisor. With no added financial interest tied to providing one product over the other, our investment product universe is larger and remains strictly objective to tailor a customized financial solution that’s in our client’s best interest.

We enjoy the freedom and flexibility to create a plan that best suits the unique circumstances and objectives of each of our clients.

Because of this, we are free to present the best and most appropriate investments for your life-stage and needs.

For managing your investment portfolio, we offer a prudent approach based on our fiduciary relationship with you as your trusted investment advisor. Fiduciary duty is generally considered the highest legal duty one party can have to another. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we have legal responsibility to always act in your best interest. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Our Investment Philosophy

In addition to providing truly independent and unbiased advice, our investment philosophy is based on the research of Nobel Prize winning economists. Learn more about how we help our clients pursue dimensions of higher expected return.

“I take the efficient market hypothesis to be the simple statement that security prices fully reflect all available information.”

Eugene F. Fama University of Chicago, 2013 Nobel Prize Winner

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