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Options to Build Your Wealth

Customizable plans for your company and employees

For any size business, having a competitive retirement plan is important for attracting and retaining talented employees. Dorman Skorheim Wealth Management is here to help your company design and implement a retirement plan that maximizes benefits and minimizes costs. 

Company Solutions

Simplifying Plan Administration

We’ll simplify the process, so you can focus on your core business. Dorman Skorheim Wealth Management will work with the third party administrator, record keeper and any other parties involved. With us, you’ll have one point of contact instead of four.

Consistent Education for Plan Participants

Our regular newsletters will help your employees stay informed and updated. We’ll also hold periodic presentations and meetings for your employees where our advisors provide personal investment advice and retirement counseling.

Prudent Investment Options

We’ll help you create investment options that give your participants the advantages they need while minimizing your company’s liability exposure. Our platform’s fee structure emphasizes cost efficiency. This emphasis on lower, more transparent plan costs can give your participants a head start on achieving better financial outcomes. Access to cost-efficient funds on our platform can give you another component for better plan design, since costs can have a significant impact on investor success over time.

Get the retirement plan and service your company needs. Contact us today at 949.831.3899.

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